Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 5 at Primary Childrens Hospital

Today Blake had his bandages removed from his back. As you can see he has a pretty metal incision!!! Also, all tubes and IV's have now been removed. HALLELUYA!!!! Blake also had to walk up 12 stairs to pass his physical therapy sessions. He pretty much mastered it. Today was also a tough day because we switched from all of the epidural medicine to oral medicine. Blake did pretty good, but there was ALOT more pain than he's had the last several days. Our last night at the hospital was pretty much the night from HELL! I just asked Blake what comments he wanted me to put in his blog about that night, and he said he pretty much is trying to suppress that memory. So no comments. Because of the switch of medication Blake was in horrible pain, the machines kept beeping, and although the nurses all week at the hospital were FANTASTIC....we happen to get a total dud that night to top it off. All three of us, (Me, Kent, & Blake) vowed that this would be our last night there. No way could we handle another night there.

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